Friday, February 5, 2010

You can call all you want but there's no one home

I wore a freakin' dress to school today, for the first freakin' time. You could say that it was a nice experience considering that a professor of mine liked the fact that I was so girly today but I can't lay down at our tambayan which is actually, really sad because I didn't have much sleep the other night. That probably has to be the longest sentence in this blog. LOL

Anyways, maybe you would ask, "why the hell would you wear a freakin' dress if your heart is not really into it?" Well, it's because I'm broke. Or broken? Haha Half of my closet is still at the laundry shop and I can't fuckin' get them back because I can't pay for them yet. Right now, I only have a 50-peso bill on my wallet and some coins. And I've already borrowed money from a friend at that. I asked my momma last Monday to send me some moolah but the case is that she's already given me my allowance 'til the end of the week. What did I do with the money? I have no idea. LOL actually I do have an idea

But I don't care. I'm still gonna online shop and as soon as I get my moolah, imma pay for my items because I want a romper and that dress so badly. Yes, this is still how I think and react even after reading Kavanaugh's Following Christ in a Consumer Society. Try reading Nietzche's The AntiChrist too. It's what's on my bag right now.

Oh btw, I need a party place for an org event on the 20th. Anyone knows anywhere? Budget's tight. Please and thank you!

Hey Cupid! Can I get a Nathan Scott for Valentines?


Keiyt said...

I used to spend all my money on the first day of the classes but I learned my lesson. HAHA since my mother would punish me by reducing my allowance per day. :|

I want a romper too but hindi naman bagay sa akin LOL. HAHAHA :)))

Ano bang klaseng event yan? Party party talaga? :)) Pool party! :D

JESSAN said...

Looks like someone failed to learn her lesson. Ha ha. I know how it feels though, so I'm w/ you.

Phoebe R. said...

Oh yeah that is the disadvantage of getting your full allowance for the week on the first day. hahaha i haven't mastered the art too. good luck to us! :D

Anonymous said...

it's the weekend, so your momma prolly sent you your allowance for the coming week already. go get your clothes from the laundromat before spending your money on anything else or you'll end up wearing trash bags for skool until you get your clothes back LOL!