Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tell me what you want What you really really want

Because I always get what I want. I'm a brat like that.

If I tell you that last night, I went to a house party with my high school friends and we drank and played 'til the wee hours in the morning, that would be, well, boring. But if I tell you that at around 12:30 AM, minutes after we just got back from a Manila trip with my cousins, I told my mom that I'm going to a friend's house because we're having a batch party, and after loads of pleading and listening to sexist comments (i.e. hindi yan gawain ng babae), my yes-I'm-a-little-sober-now friends picked me up, then that may be a little more interesting.

Or not. Okay, I just got bored telling my own story. Now I don't know what to say anymore. Haha Alright, I'll just cut this short. Again. LOL

2009 was indeed epic but I know we can make 2010 even greater and crazier.

I was thinking, I won't leave my room 'til its time for mass and its 2010 already but well, my mom would kill me.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I got to be unstoppable Ay ay ay ay You don't like

In 2009, did you..

  • kiss a gay friend (in his attempt to actually teach you, well, moves)?
  • feel like you're one with music in a jamming session with a local 'indigenous' band?
  • eat loads of chocolate bars and drink milk just so you could sober up and study?
  • attend a debut party but it started late and you already have something planned for the night so you had to leave even before the party started?
  • see a friend cry all of a sudden because of.. never mind?
  • bond with orphanage kids and let them use your camera until it's full of chocolate and greasy?
  • celebrate your actual birthday by playing rockband and eating loads of fastfood?
  • pass out for the first time in your life ever?
  • wake up with your own puke as your pillow and no memory of the night that passed?
  • worry about failing NSTP?
  • meet new people and have, umm, great (and not-so-great) moments with them while your systems are loaded with alcohol?
  • ask a guy out and then during the date itself you ambushed him into going to a friend's house party?
  • drink too much for two consecutive days with two different groups of friends that you were actually sober for the whole summer?
  • make loads of music videos with your girl friends while they were cramming for a report the next day after a party you just attended?
  • dance your heart out in a stage you've always been familiar with?
  • actually let yourself be a pellet of capitalism and forget about what you know about the system which sucks big time?
  • receive your first hard-earned cash of P800?
  • kiss your long time and forever girl friend on the lip just because?
  • meet the alumni of your beloved org and from their experiences, you realized that you may have a future after all?
  • attend a grand clan reunion and had one of the best days/nights of your year?
  • party the eve of Ondoy's wrath not knowing that there was actually a coming storm?
  • struggle to go home while Ondoy is flooding the streets of Cubao, Katipunan, and everywhere else?
  • miss your high school barkada too much?
  • have too much alcohol on an org event that you can't show your face to the world since it's so red?
  • watch Katy Perry's concert and see her a meter away from you partying at Encore?
  • try to escape reality?
  • have a shirt with your name made for you?
  • pass out again after months of not passing out while you're with a great group of guys and girls?
  • play along the Blue Bridge with your friends which made the security guard think that you were actually being robbed or something?
  • spend an afternoon with street kids?
  • have three epic nights with the most fun people you've ever known?
  • spend a morning with patients of NCMH?
  • ride a car with 13 people in it?
  • tell someone you're not going home until he comes with you?
  • eat a balut's sisiw twice?
  • walk for your department during the lantern parade?
  • eat a lot you didn't care if your clothes would still fit you?
  • try to lose weight the easy way?
OH WAIT.. THAT WAS MY 2009. I srsly didn't think this post would be this long so my sincerest apologies. Isn't it ironic that I'm starting this blog with a year-end post? LOL Be ready for me 2010. Because I'm gonna make you bigger, crazier, and a whole lot better. Happy holidays everyone!

I miss the times when happiness meant trampoline, giant slides, and colorful balls.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I gave you love

Uh.. mic test?

I'm still trying to get over my moving out of Wordpress so plentier words later. LOL