Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's somebody like you doing in a place like this?

020510 - First Friday night of 2010 that I actually stayed home. The weekend that followed was also the first time in 2010 that I went back home to Subic. My weekend was indeed all for family time.

Photo taken by my Tito Rex. Originally posted at Facebook.

I've been thinking of these words for a few days now but I don't seem to feel like talking about it - my weekend - anymore. So what is it then that I want to talk about?

Cue Chasing Pavements, First Cut is the Deepest, Hey There Delilah, and all the other super sawi songs that anyone can ever find.

Oh no dear, my heart's not in pieces. It's just that I did something again and now I'm beating myself up for it. Doesn't it suck when I give out things like that but not say any detail at all? LOL

What I can say here, however, are the things I've learned from doing it. It? LOL Magpapahabol na lang ako sa suklay. At hindi ako fast food; fine dining ako, fine dining! (probably the longest Tagalog statement in this blog haha) Oh and one more thing: YOU'RE A REALLY BIG JERK. Kinilig pa naman ako. It's alright though; we can still be friends and hang out. Just stop talking about things please.

Dammit Valentine's day! How come you're getting into my nerves this year?


Nikz said...

kaasar, i wanna try the banana boat at bora pero ayaw ng mga kasama ko, delikado daw, kaasar. haha. mga kj.

hope everything will turn out fine for you this hearts' day. kung wala mang special someone, I know you have friends who will make you feel special on that day. :)

Keiyt said...

Gusto ko rin mag bakasyon. Ngayon na. Talaga.

HAHAHA luma-love life pala pero nasawi rin? Aww. Sorry. Haha, alam ko naman makakagets over ka rin soon at tatawanan mo rin yan. Hahaha :)

Ako rin, for I don't know why, naiirita sa Valentine's day ngayon.