Monday, March 15, 2010

“What made me happy once, might not make me happy now.”

Thank you tumblr for feeding my emoness every so often.

Anyways, I just wanna plug. Ask me anything @ I'd love to answer any kind of question but I'd really appreciate it if people would put their names on their questions and/or won't be rude. Nevertheless, ask me anything.

Well, I'll post something more worthy of your reading time when I'm finally allowed to think about things that are not related to school, meaning after this hell month. But actually, I'm just procrastinating so...

Oh and btw, HELLO THERE MR. UTAKGAGO MENTHOL-GUY! Haha special plug for you!


Anonymous said...

omigosh!haha I seriously missed reading your entries ;) and this blog actually gave an idea on what to talk about the next time I write an entry. and yes, because of you, I signed up @ ask me anything haha

Kevin said...

Lol shameless plug. Thanks!

Gaaah formspring can be addicting to people.

Hell week's about to finish here in LB. :)