Friday, February 26, 2010

Everything's gonna be alright

Sleep never comes at the right moment. I mean honestly, who hasn't had that night when you want sleep so badly because the next day's gonna be epic? And of course, who here gets checked out by sleep every so often when you're reviewing/doing research/writing papers?

Anyways, I'm turning 19 in less than a week. Yay? No? IDK. I guess from a the-glass-is-half-full perspective, I should be happy and grateful that I have been existing for almost 19 years. But who could blame me for being so afraid worried of growing old? That would mean slimmer chances of losing weight, less nonsense fun and wasted time, priorities, and other stuff.

Crazy. This is how I remain to think even after writing about how capitalism gave rise to beauty and embodiment standards which then resulted to gender inequality and the like.

So, back to me turning 19. I realized last weekend that I have no birthday traditions whatsoever. Is it too late to start now? I can't even think of something to do. I just really wanna go to the mall and spend every single cent of the money that my momma gave me. Dang it Erika, theory and practice! Remember Kavanaugh's book?

Yeah, I talk to myself a lot nowadays. It's easier that hugging four people everyday for emotional stability.