Sunday, May 16, 2010

I can't go any further than this I want you so badly, it's my biggest wish

How do you get over someone?
How do you NOT get over someone?

  1. Think about him when you are in an uncomfortable situation and hope that he is with you in that moment of insecurity with your environment.
  2. Think about him when you are having crazy fun with your friends and hope that he is with you enjoying those moments.
  3. Think about him when you are telling your friends some stories and hope that he hears about them then he will realize how much he has lost for letting you go.
  4. Think about him when something big happens in your life and hope that you can actually share it with him.
  5. Think about him when you are making a decision and hope that he gives you a perspective that is fresh from yours so you can really weigh things.
  6. Think about him when you are with your family and hope that someday he gets to meet them.
  7. Think about him before going to bed and hope that he thinks about you, too.
  8. Think about him while walking anywhere and hope that he sees you.
  9. Think about him while looking at her and hope that he would fall for you as much as he did to her.
  10. Think about him, write a blog, and hope that he gets to read it.


princessngaako said...

I just realized that I am so not over someone. Ugh, It sucks that it hurts. :|

Keiyt said...

I think it helps din to get over someone. Think about him all the time and get tired. :D

Hi Erika. </3 ka?

aryan said...

haha. this is kinda funny and sad at the same time. let's blame our hormones for our broken hearts.

Tsina said...