Thursday, January 7, 2010

Running through my mind all day


I just got a call from Summit Media. They told me that there's an open internship position for the magazine Entrepreneur and they asked whether I wanted to apply. I then asked when this job would require me to start and she said this month. So I said no. Because I have school. And then I said I'll just hope there'll be an opening on summer.

Please tell me I made the right decision. Please, please.


detox girl said...

does it conflict with your class schedule? it's too good an opportunity to pass up.

it's okay, focus on your studies for now.

JESSAN said...

You, Erika Casila , just made the BIGGEST mistake of your life. Kidding. But seriously though, Summit's the biggest pub in the Philippines. I would grab it right away if I were you.

Oh. Did I just make you feel bad? Tee-hee.

laarni lopez said...

for me, there are no right or wrong decisions.. your just need to stick with it.

so, since you chose to stay in school and focus, forget about the offer, and do great in your studies. this would mean that you indeed made the right one. Ü

Keiyt said...

Oh, good bye Summit Media. But I guess they'll open their doors for you soon! :)