Sunday, January 3, 2010

I can't seem to find somebody to love Is there somebody who still believes in love

For you I gave my heart and turn my back against the world..

LOL Anyone who's reading this post would probably think that I am a) in love b) on the edge of falling in love or (if you've been reading my older blogs) c) playing random stuff on my itunes.

Tomorrow I go back to reality; anyone wanna come with? Or can you people like face it for me? Haha

Going back to Katipunan is both a good and a bad thing for me. Good because I get my old (and at some level, real) life back! Freedom and independence, I missed you my babies. And of course, I missed my crazier than the crazy bus friends too. But it's also a bad thing because, yes, reality means I have to actually go to school and do boring, erm I mean, school stuff again. Which isn't supposed to be a bad thing since in the first place, I go to the Metro to study. WTF

Professors left a bunch of stuff to do for the break and I have to cram all of it this week. At least I actually got some rest and had a nice vacation. Nat.

Oh well. I just can't really wait to say THANK GOD IS FRIDAY.

I fucked my links up so they're gone now but I swear I'm putting them back.. ASAP.
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Anonymous said...

I am feeling the same thing right now, after 2 weeks of short vacation, we are all back to face the reality of being a student lol!

aizel camille said...

i totally know the feeling... =)